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17 December 2018

Mr. Karthick was brought to the ER unconscious following alleged history of road traffic accident while riding a 2-wheeler on 17th December 2018 and was found to have sustained head injury with severe injuries to the face. He had been here for two months and after our medical concern, we finally bring back his life to normal. Once again, we proved that patient health is our only concern!

  • Surgery Type : Open Reduction & Internal Fixation.
  • Doctor Name : Dr.KrishnakumarRaja M.B.B.S., MDS
28 July 2016

On 28 th July 2016 18 year old Surendran met with a terrible road traffic accident and sustained severe facial injury ( involving every home on his face) with severe head Injury and cervical spine fracture. Four and a half months is all Sri Balaji multi speciality hospital needed to get his life back on track. Just another one of Sri Balaji multi speciality hospital's success stories.

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