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In the past, Indians with means would travel to the US or UK, seeking advanced medical care. However, all that has switched around in the last decade: India is today a favoured destination for foreign nationals seeking medical care. Patients all over the world choose to come here for advanced treatments, and it’s easy to see why.

Cost is a primary factor for this trend – costs of healthcare in developed countries like the US and the UK are staggering, and the costs of health insurance is quite high. Meaning even with the costs of travel, that it is cheaper for an insurance company with ties to a hospital here to refer patients these centres, or even for an uninsured person to seek travel for treatment.

Infrastructure is another factor that plays into this scenario. In the US and UK, patients often have to wait for months to get tests done, see specialists or have elective surgery. This isn’t the case here in India, where hospital facilities are on par with the best in the West but without the long waiting lists, and specialists who have trained abroad. Patients therefore access the latest treatments, from advanced robotic surgery to complex organ transplants, at a fraction of the cost in the West.

At Sri Balaji Hospital, we welcome patients from across the globe, countries such as Oman, Iraq, The United Arab Emirates, North Africa and Bangladesh. Our central location, in close proximity to the airport (5.5kms) and an array of star hotel surrounding, makes it a popular choice of healthcare destination for our international guests. In addition, Sri Balaji Hospital also has tie-ups with several major corporate organisations. 500,000 patients (and counting), worldwide!

For complete information on the services available, medical physician team, please feel free to Contact Dr.Balaji subramanian(M.B.B.S., M.S.Ortho) Contact No : +91 89399 96599

We welcome you to experience a healthy recovery at the Sri Balaji Hospital, Chennai.

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