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ICU Staff Nurse

  • Job Role - ICU Staff Nurse
  • Job Location - Chennai
  • Experience - 2+ Years
  • Education - BSC & GNM

    Job Summary :
  • Assigned to provide patient care in critical care unit.
  • Able to handle Ventilator cases, defibrillator, Critical and chronically ill patients in all departments.
  • Assist with the admittance and discharge of the patients.
  • Perform clinical tasks according to hospital policies.
  • Monitor the patients condition and maintain the records.
  • Biomedical waste management and Stock maintenance.
  • Knowledge on IVF, Blood and Blood products and TPN. Assisted patients and family members in the education of health care needs.
  • Assisting for Intubation, Tracheostomy, Central Venous Cannulation, ICD and Pleural tapping.
  • Assisting for Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and Hemodialysis.
  • Monitor ECG changes, CBG, Blood pressure, CVP, ABG and ABP.
  • Transfer knowledge regarding Oral care, Eye care, Sponging, Wound dressing, Bedsore dressing, CVC dressing, Tracheal tube care and Colostomy care.
  • Know to suction in both Open and Closed Suctioning system, infusion and syringe pumps.
  • Follow the measures of Universal precautions and Barrier Nursing Technique.
  • Knowledge on RAPID RESPONSE and CODE BLUE Management.
  • Should be trained on BLS, ACLS.
  • Should know to handle end stage of life patients and death care.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of equipment.


  • Job Role - OT STAFF NURSE
  • Job Location - Chennai
  • Experience - 2+ Years
  • Education - BSC & GNM

    Job Summary :
  • Scrub nurse are registered nurses who assist in surgical procedures by setting up the room before the operation, working with the doctor during surgery and preparing the patient for the move to the recovery room.
  • Scrub nurses assist the surgical team by donning sterile masks, gloves and gowns as well as aid the physician by passing instruments during surgery.
  • supporting the surgeon while also maintaining patient safety ,also monitors the surgery to ensure everything remains sterile

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